Driving Tips

Driving around King Island can be as treacherous as the waters!

Take things slowly

Distances on the Island are not great but travelling times are relatively slow. Hire cars are allowed on unsealed roads, but take it easy and remember you are sharing the road with farm vehicles and school buses. Take your time and enjoy the scenery.

Wildlife have right of way

In addition to native wallabies and echidnas, you'll see flocks of introduced turkeys and peacocks, and occasional wandering cattle. None of these animals know the road rules: keep out of their way.

Leave gates as you found them

When you drive to out-of-the-way locations such as the Cataraqui memorial, the road crosses private property. If you need to open the gate for access that's fine, but shut it after you pass through. And watch out for curious calves.

Be prepared

Petrol is only available at Currie. You can buy food in Currie, Naracoopa and Grassy - check opening times locally.

Driving Distances


  • Cataraqui cairn - 18 km
  • Carnavon Bay cairn - 27 km
  • Calcified Forest - 31 km
  • Grassy - 30 km
  • Naracoopa - 26 km
  • Shannon cairn - 31 km
  • Cape Wickham - 48 km
  • British Admiral cairn - 5km


  • Naracoopa via Grahams Rd - 21 km
  • Carnarvon Bay cairn - 22 km